The Armory Show: A (non-comprehensive) List

  • A painting of a gray house engulfed in white flames
  • Two dogs (and one lobster) made of rhinestones
  • A thumbnail-sized wooden elephant that opens to reveal a pinkie-nail sized wooden elephant
  • A wall clock whose hands spin with disturbing rapidity
  • Palm leaves made of black leather
  • A Calder-esque mobile but the organic, counter-balanced shapes are chunks of a house
  • Impasto oil paint off-gassing pleasantly
  • Gilt-framed paintings encased in and escaping from chunks of concrete.
  • A rolling champagne cart
  • Only one infinity mirror, very colorful
  • A human-scale rabbit with knowing eyes wearing a suit, dirty
  • A well dressed young woman saying “We were like, the darlings of figuration”
  • Hastily applied stick-down carpet that emits a low-level static sound when you walk across it.
  • Dizzying pink dots on an orange-yellow field
  • Two figures of little girls with globes for heads
  • Terrifyingly efficient large-scale kinetic sculptures
  • Terrifyingly efficient drawings made on a CNC machine
  • Terrifyingly efficient $11 sandwiches (not a shareable size) in zippered plastic
  • Hanging plants
  • A bloody-mary with a shrimp garnish
  • A neon sign that says BELIEVE, but the LIE part of the word is blacked out so that it only glows from the back side
  • Butter-smooth charcoal portraits of black faces from another era (40’s? 60’s?) each paired with an inscrutable but beautiful object in massive, impeccable shadow-box frames
  • A snide older man saying, “I’m not shaking hands”
The author taking a picture of a Yayoi Kusama painting from the 1980’s

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